Take Your Art to the NEXT LEVEL

GoodMoeJo Academy is an online education hub designed and created by me! A compilation of all my experiences over the past 10+ years, put together in an easy-to-learn format for your benefit. Whether you’re an artist that’s self-taught, just starting, or a hobbyist– These courses will help take your skills and artwork to the next level so you can create the art that you want. 

Confirmed courses for GoodMoeJo Academy

Intro to Character Design for Cartoonists and Illustrators

Comic Making for beginners: Clip Studio Paint + iPad

Finding Your First Client as a Freelance Artist


I plan to share everything I’ve learned! I’ll include:

  •  Everything to know on Drawing a Figure
  •  Finding and Perfecting Your Style that is Unique to YOU!
  •  -Step-By-Step instructions on Comic Making
  • Benefits of Webcomics vs Self-Publishing
  • Pro-Tips on Making Your Art Your Career
  • How to Start Taking Commissions
    …and so much more!

Each Course will include many learning tools and materials!

  • PDF sheets proving step-by-step instructions
  • Tutorial downloads, both pdf and psd formats to study and pick apart
  • Video and Audio recorded lessons
  • Worksheet downloads (blank and filled out) for practice/study
  • Discord Community to discuss and learn with other students!

GoodMoeJo Academy is Coming Soon...

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